Wolters on Neocalvinism and Pentecostalism

I’ve been thinking much recently about the relation between Neocalvinism—the tradition native to Redeemer UC—and Pentecostalism, my own spiritual heritage. While off doing other things, I stumbled across this quote from Al Wolters, with which I am in complete agreement:

The power, vitality and emotional spontaneity of the charismatic movement, as well as its openness to the charismatic gifts, its emphasis on the effectiveness of prayer, and its acknowledgement of the reality of the demonic are all part of a vibrant biblical Christianity from which Neocalvinism can benefit. On the other hand, I believe that charismatic Christians can derive great benefit from the strengths of Neocalvinism, notably its broad cultural vision of the Christian life, its intellectual sophistication and maturity, and its tradition of responsible biblical exegesis.

It seems to me this describes precisely the ways in which we need to learn from each other.