Evangelicals and Catholics on the Virgin Mary

The ecumenical group, “Evangelicals and Catholics Together,” have recently released a joint statement on the Virgin Mary, called “Do Whatever He Tells You,” a quote from the Cana wedding in John 2. Certainly a statement from evangelicals and Catholics on the Virgin Mary would say some interesting things, like this from the Catholics:

In drawing closer to Mary, we are drawn closer to Christ, for the entirety of her being is devoted to Christ, and her one will for his disciples is “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5). Devotion to Mary, the fully redeemed creature, is directed to the adoration of Christ, true God and true man.

And this from the evangelicals:

For Luther, Mary is the workshop (fabrica) in which God operates to bring about the salvation of the world. Mary is the person and place where God has chosen to enter most deeply into the human story. She is the one who hears the Word of God (fides ex auditu), the one who responds in faith and thus is justified by faith alone (WA 7, 573). The Reformed tradition is more reticent, yet both Zwingli and Bullinger joined in the “Hail Mary, full of grace” not as a prayer to Mary but as an expression of praise in honour of her. Calvin too referred to Mary as “the treasurer of grace” and spoke of how Christ “chose for himself the virgin’s womb as a temple in which to dwell” (Institutes 2.14.1).

A hopeful sign, certainly.