The Project

Now that the dissertation is done, and I have all the time in the world, I’m beginning to work out what I want to do reading-wise in this coming year. I’m thinking I’ll read Barth and Aquinas. I’ve started with the former. We’ll see how far we get.

In the Works

April is an absurd time for university students such as I, but once the typhoon of busyness has passed over, I’ll crunch out a blog on a few of these topics:

  • Some posts on my post-Pentecostalism: On how I’ve been shaped by my theological/spiritual roots, grown beyond those roots and have come to embrace them once again, though in a different way.
  • Some reflection on my love-hate affair with Neocalvinism.
  • A little treatise on a proper Christian attitude toward alcohol, in light of some recent events :).
  • Continuing to plow through my series on relationships, which has a projected eighteen parts (as of yet).
  • Work on the kerygmatic nature of the Church.
  • A piece on the sacramentality of the body, from a Pentecostal perspective.

If there’s anything you would like me to write on that involves theology, spirituality, ethics or relationships, just comment.

A Series In the Works

On relationships—in the broader sense, that is. It only took a week for me to break and go back to blogging. I’ve been thinking a bunch about relationships the last few weeks, and I need somewhere to organize my thoughts—hopefully my reflections will be helpful and meaningful for others as well. So here’s the plan: I’m going to be busting out a long, long blog-series on relationships—probably thirteen or fourteen parts, as I have it laid out now. Enjoy. The second installment (because the first one is really this) should be out sometime tomorrow. Go in peace.

On Hiatus

The pace of life is speeding up pretty rapidly—although I’m always busier than I would like to be—so I won’t be blogging until the end of school at the end of April. I’ll probably do some short Easter reflection, but other than that, this blog will be barren as I take my mind off it to work on other important things like university, church stuff and (what is actually the most important thing in life) relationships. Peace.

Blog Projects

I have a few ideas on the chopping-block for the next little while:

  • Finally finishing the “Why I Love Catholics” series. I was so close, and then I got stuck in the middle of this week of prayer for Christian unity—which I’m desperately passionate about, don’t get me wrong.
  • A series on “Why I Love Pentecostals,” which will have some obvious and not-so-obvious content.
  • A bit later on, series on “Why I Love the Reformed,” and “Why I Love Jesus.”
  • Some theologizing on Neocalvinist worldview/philosophy/theology, which doesn’t quite sit well with me in every aspect, though I find it a helpful corrective in others.
  • A few reflections on the weakness of Pentecostal theologies of hope and love, and the strength of the (Western, at least) Pentecostal theology of faith. Especially related to the weakness of Protestant theology in general in this area, and what I’ll (for now) call “Pentecostal angst.”

I hope you’re looking to them—at least one of them. Feel free to comment on whatever else you’d like to hear me blog about. Go in peace.