The Project

Now that the dissertation is done, and I have all the time in the world, I’m beginning to work out what I want to do reading-wise in this coming year. I’m thinking I’ll read Barth and Aquinas. I’ve started with the former. We’ll see how far we get.

6 thoughts on “The Project

    • Haha, true, true. I’m trying though to focus on major thinkers (like top ten in the history of theology) that have been under-represented in my reading and while I’m sure Lonergan was a cool guy, I’m not sure he qualifies as “major,” at least not as major as Aquinas or Barth. But who knows, maybe I’ll slip Method in after the Prima Pars.

      • Don’t ever tell a gathering of Lonergan scholars that he isn’t in the “top ten.” Heh. But, seriously, I would strongly recommend reading Method in Theology, if only because it should help to illuminate the way that Aquinas does theology (while transposing it into a modern context).

        Speaking of things in Ontario, have you heard of these people? Seem like an interesting group.

      • That looks like a cool site! They’re reading some pretty interesting things. Unfortunately they meet in Waterloo, which is like an hour away, but I’ll try and follow them. Thanks.

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