Missional vs. Seeker-Sensitive Churches

Apparently there’s an important dialogue going on across blogs (in the blogosphere, as some say) about the respective merits of missional churches and attractional (or seeker-sensitive) churches. Here’s a phenomenal quote with a stunning reversal:

To apply statistical analysis to the effectiveness of missional [churches] at this point is about as silly as judging the effectiveness of Jesus ministry at the time of his resurrection. (How many were gathered in the Upper Room?)

“Ah but Bill! Look how quickly the church grew after Pentecost.”

“Ah but Friend! Look how soon the Spirit scattered that church to the corners of the earth. And remember that it wasn’t until Constantine that anything remotely representing a megachurch came into existence. Oh. Sorry. Yes. The Coliseum does resemble some megachurches. Thanks, Joel [Osteen]. And Christians did provide much of the entertainment, now didn’t they.”

Just because churches are entertaining the masses doesn’t mean they are doing anything remotely similar to discipleship. See the full article, which deserves reading, here. It’s worth reading the initial linked post as well.

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