The Rise of New Monasticism

An article from the Boston Globe, “The Unexpected Monks,” details the rise of the new monastic (or neo-monastic) movement in contemporary evangelicalism. Apparently, around 100 neo-monastic communities have sprung up in North America over the last five years:

New Monasticism is part of a broader movement stirring at the margins of American evangelicalism: Evangelicals disillusioned with a church they view as captive to consumerism, sectarian theological debates, and social conservatism. Calling themselves the “emerging church” or “post-evangelicals,” these Christians represent only a small proportion of the approximate 60 million evangelical Americans. Yet their criticisms may resonate with more mainstream believers.

This is an excellent article, quoting everyone from Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove to Scott Bessenecker to Shane Claiborne. To learn about this exciting, emerging movement, this is a great place to start. See it here.


2 thoughts on “The Rise of New Monasticism

  1. I cannot believe they serve street kids vegan meals. Anywhoers, a question in my missions text was something like: “how relevant would a new monasticism movement be?” Now I may write sweet things and feign intellectuality with a source.

  2. I agree. Best thing I’ve seen in a newspaper on this movement. Also see articles by Rob Moll for Christianity Today and Jason Byassee for Christian Century.

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