In the Works

April is an absurd time for university students such as I, but once the typhoon of busyness has passed over, I’ll crunch out a blog on a few of these topics:

  • Some posts on my post-Pentecostalism: On how I’ve been shaped by my theological/spiritual roots, grown beyond those roots and have come to embrace them once again, though in a different way.
  • Some reflection on my love-hate affair with Neocalvinism.
  • A little treatise on a proper Christian attitude toward alcohol, in light of some recent events :).
  • Continuing to plow through my series on relationships, which has a projected eighteen parts (as of yet).
  • Work on the kerygmatic nature of the Church.
  • A piece on the sacramentality of the body, from a Pentecostal perspective.

If there’s anything you would like me to write on that involves theology, spirituality, ethics or relationships, just comment.

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