Blog Projects

I have a few ideas on the chopping-block for the next little while:

  • Finally finishing the “Why I Love Catholics” series. I was so close, and then I got stuck in the middle of this week of prayer for Christian unity—which I’m desperately passionate about, don’t get me wrong.
  • A series on “Why I Love Pentecostals,” which will have some obvious and not-so-obvious content.
  • A bit later on, series on “Why I Love the Reformed,” and “Why I Love Jesus.”
  • Some theologizing on Neocalvinist worldview/philosophy/theology, which doesn’t quite sit well with me in every aspect, though I find it a helpful corrective in others.
  • A few reflections on the weakness of Pentecostal theologies of hope and love, and the strength of the (Western, at least) Pentecostal theology of faith. Especially related to the weakness of Protestant theology in general in this area, and what I’ll (for now) call “Pentecostal angst.”

I hope you’re looking to them—at least one of them. Feel free to comment on whatever else you’d like to hear me blog about. Go in peace.

One thought on “Blog Projects

  1. YES! HEAVY DUTY THEOLOGY! I LOVE IT! It is good to see you getting into theological aspects of the Christian faith … I agree that many Pentecostals are not aware of certain theological beliefs and how they affect people … I honestly look forward to reading your posts about these various subjects, and I will continue to write as well …God bless, and don’t forget your First Love … Jesus Christ …JOSH

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