The Beauty of Liturgy

This following story from The Drama of Scripture beautifully illustrates the power and beauty of a structured liturgy.

An atheist, a committed disciple of the ‘truth’ of Communism, once gave a speech to an enormous crowd in the former Soviet Union. He mocked the Christian faith, saying it was all mere fantasy. It was not Jesus but the program of Marx and Lenin that was destined to bring history to its appointed purpose. The atheist was eloquent and withering in his scorn for Christianity. When he finished, an Orthodox priest asked if he could say just two words in reply (his two Russian words are translated by three words in English). The priest shouted, “Christ is risen!” and the crowd roared back the response carried with them from their childhood: “He is risen indeed!” For a world so twisted by evil and enslaved by sin, what other message could there be? Christ is risen. In the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a new world is dawning. The night of evil has ended. The light of God will fill the whole earth again. The resurrection stands at the center of the Christian faith. (165)

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